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What Our Patients Say

  • 5 star rating  I have been having headaches, numb arms & hands every morning for about 6 months. After seeing Dr Weiss and having a consultation, I began my Chiropractic therapy ~ absolutely no headache or numbness the last 2 weeks!!!! What a relief! I feel SO much better, it really is something to experience for yourself. The office flow is very quick and I am grateful I gave it a try!

    Mindy P. Avatar Mindy P.

    5 star rating  Dr. Nathan Weiss is a great chiropractor! He has helped me live a much better lifestyle. The staff if very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs relief from pain.

    VeAnn W. Avatar VeAnn W.
  • 5 star rating  I had had an auto accident a few months prior to going to here, I went in with upper and lower back pain and had been having headaches for awhile. Within about a month my headaches had already decreased majorly and my upper back was feeling much better and now we have started to focus on my lower back. Dr. Weiss has handled everything with my insurance, got me a lawyer when my insurance agency wouldn't pay anymore and has helped me every step of the way so that getting my auto insurance to pay for my expenses due to the accident is painless for me.

    Kari M. Avatar Kari M.

    5 star rating  I’ve been to a number of different chiropractors in the last 30+years and I’ve found Dr Weiss has helped me the most. He takes the time to explain why and how he can help me and gives me time to relax before he adjusts me. He’s also easy to talk to, I like that, he cares. Give him a try.

    Jan S. Avatar Jan S.
  • 5 star rating  I feel amazing!! I received a thorough assessment and a comprehensive plan for care - up front! I highly recommend Dr. Weiss!!

    Charity B. Avatar Charity B.

    5 star rating  I had a free certificate for evaluation that I had in my home for almost a year. It wasn't until I was getting migraine headaches that I thought It might be helpful to get evaluated. I went in to talk to Dr. Weiss and he explained thoroughly the problem and treatment plan. So far I've only been going a few months and already see an improvement with less neck and upper back pain. The exercises have been helpful and I appreciate all the help I have been given!

    Eunice J. Avatar Eunice J.