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Our patients are just like you. Before their neck or back pain set in, they were active, happy individuals who enjoyed spending time with family and friends. And similar to you, they were afraid of what the true cause of their back pain was and wondered if it really was possible for them to feel better again.

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Where to even start! My feet have been numb for over 2 years. I have gone to doctors, physical therapy, and a few different chiropractors. I have had acupuncture and nothing seemed to help. I am so glad that I took that step into his office. My feet are still numb but he has been the only one that has made any progress with them. They are a lot less numb and I truly believe that he will make it so they are numb free by the time we are done!!!! Thank you Dr. are a miracle worker!!!

have never had a chiropractor take the time to explain to me what was wrong and show me the x-rays. Nate goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable with what the treatment plan is and helps you to understand why it's important to do it. The best part is he will never pressure you to keep coming if you don't feel like it's helping. I have been going to Nate for a year now and he has done wonders! I have little to no headaches, and he got rid of my hip pain that I have had since I was a kid! I also have never been so healthy!! Nate is now treating me for a car accident and he is taking the time to help me understand the insurance side of it. This is truly a chiropractor that cares!

For the first time I am free of constant more back or shoulder pain, arm pain or leg pain. The weekness in my right arm and hand is gone. I sleep well and have more energy throughout the work day. I am thrilled with the results of my treatments. I heartily recommend True North Chiropractic.

I used to suffer from extreme back pain and sleeping at night and also was unable to interact with my children. Since going to Dr. Nathan Weiss I no longer struggle with pain and I am sleeping without any interruptions and also have been able to be an active part in my children's life! I have also been able to long distance run including a 10k and now training for a half marathon!! He has truly changed my life! Thank you Dr. Nathan Weiss!

Before having Dr. Weiss help me with my wellness journey I was suffering through migraines and back pains for many years. I was seeing a neurologist for almost a year without much success. Several years ago, I did try and see a chiropractor, as well. However, I quit going because there was a major difference between what I see now and how Dr. Weiss operates his practice. Dr. Weiss took the time to explain why I was having my symptoms. He came up with a treatment plan that would help me get better and would worked with my busy schedule. I’m always in awe at the mechanics of Dr. Weiss practice. The maximum turn out and I feel like I’m always getting his undivided attention. Since choosing Dr. Weiss for my wellness journey I feel truly cared for.

I used to suffer from migraines. It was to the point where I would go partially blind for 20-30 min. After my vision came back then I would get the headaches. Dr. Weiss was the miracle worker. He was kind enough to dim the lights and adjust my neck and shoulders to relieve the pain. After a few routine appointments and exercises suggested by him. I have not had a blinding migraine in over 2 years! Thank you Dr. Weiss!

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Here at True North Chiropractic Center, we love having new patients! Whether you find us though a friend or online, we always welcome new faces.

We strive to give our patients the very best chiropractic care available. We also work hard to make sure to offer the most up-to-date chiropractic services so that you are able to walk out of each appointment feeling even better than you did after the last one. It is always our goal to improve your life through chiropractic care.

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True North Chiropractic Center is home to some of Thief River Falls' finest medical professionals and skilled technicians. As part of a global, academic medical centre, we are committed to delivering high quality, evidence-based, patient centered care. We invite you to learn more about our exceptional staff and their specialties.

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On a chosen Wednesday evening each month, we offer our patients (and a guest) free dinner and an hour workshop.

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